“Metzarents” is the story of Vahag, a young Armenian-American who reconnects with his long dormant Armenian roots when he is offered to play the role of the poet Misak Metzarents in a play. Vahag is a struggling actor in Los Angeles who lives with his Asian-American girlfriend Hanna who is also a struggling actress. As Vahag goes deeper and deeper into preparation for his role, his relationship with his girlfriend slowly starts to deteriorate, causing a crisis in Vahag’s life leading him to question what is true happiness.


written and directed by Hayk Hambartsum

starring Raffi Barsoumian
Janice Pak
Narine Avakian

produced by Shahe Barsoumian

cinematography by Alik Barsoumian

art director Elna Kordijan

make-up artist Suzan Zeytuntsyan

edited by Robert Lee

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